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The Colorful Yunnan

This is a magical land. When the world's highest river overwhelmingly dissected the highest plateau with majestic momentum and ran to the sea. A dreamy plateau of harmonious coexistence between human and nature was born in heaven and earth. This is the legendary auspicious land to the south of the colorful clouds—Yunnan.

Yunnan is a museum of topography. Within the scope of more than 394000 square kilometers, there are almost all kinds of natural landscapes on the earth. The Richest biodiversity and ethnic minorities make it become one of the areas which with the most natural and cultural heritage in China. It is a realm where mountains and rivers intersect. It is a paradise for plants and animals. Sound ecological protection has made the province a natural kingdom for flora and fauna. Yunnan is home to 26 ethnic groups, who maintain their own spoken and written languages, customs and religions. Different cultures integrate with each other and coexist in harmony. It is a witness to the evolution and history of the human race. The Dinosaur fossil cluster, Homo erectus yuanmouensis, Southern Silk Road and the Ancient Tea Road compose a sketch of historic tracks. With its marvelous natural beauty, mysterious ethnic glamour and time-honored history, Yunnan boasts amazing cultural and biological diversities.

Located at the junction of China Southeast Asia and South Asia, Yunnan is the joint of ASEAN Free Trade Zone, Great Mekong Subregion Cooperation, South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation and Pan-Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, bordering Vietnam, Laos and Burma for 4060 kilometers, accounting for 18.7% in total national border along with 16 first-class ports and 7 second-class ports. As the window and gateway of China to Southeast Asia and South Asia, Yunnan plays an important role in integrating into the process of economic globalization and enhancing mutually beneficial cooperation with Southeast Asia and South Asia, which provides it a golden opportunity for development.

So far, Yunnan’s resident population is 46.866 million in which urban population is 18.971 million. The built-up area is 1620 square kilometers, and the urbanization rate is 40.48%. An integral urban-rural system will be built, with Kunming as the core, regional central cities such as Yuxi, Qujing, Dali, and Mengzi as the key, seats of state government as backbones, and county towns, central towns, frontier port as the basis, which set up a six-level urban system structure. Such system will feature an obvious development gradient, complementary functions, and a reasonable pattern.