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Brief Introduction

School of International Cooperation and Exchange was established in June, 2012, mainly in charge of management and coordination of admission for international students, and is committed to facilitating the cooperation and exchange between Yunnan Communications Vocational and Technical Collage and other partners around the world.

There are 1608 foreign students (including long-term, short-term and exchange students) from 25 countries worldwide, such as USA, Canada,Argentina, Australia, Britain, Germany,Belgium, Austria, Ukraine, France, Russia, Garner, South Africa, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand etc. come to study Chinese Language and other transportation-related majors in our college since the establishment of the school.

School of International Cooperation and Exchange is the main sector of the collage for Chinese education of foreign students. After taken six months or a year Chinese language courses and completed HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) Level IV administered by Hanban, students are able to apply for specialization courses.

Yunnan Communications Vocational and Technical Collage consists of 14 schools. All 58 specialties are opened to international students. According to different students’ needs, School of International Cooperation and Exchange will guide them in applying for appropriate specialization courses.

In the past 4 years, the collage has cultivated and sent more than 71 excellent foreign students to Tsinghua University, University of International Business and Economics and other key universities titled with "211" and "985" in China, including 14 students from Myanmar.Owing to the outstanding achievements in educating foreign students, the collage was chosen as the first recommended independent admission college for foreign students of Tsinghua University in January, 2017. It is a convenient way for international students to successfully enter the top Chinese universities.